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Attention Restaurants and Food Service Providers: The used cooking oil collection campaign is now underway in the greater Sacramento area! We are currently accepting new restaurant accounts and would like to recycle your used cooking oil into locally accessible biodiesel for you or others with diesel powered engines.

 To receive scheduled local collection service and recycle your used cooking oil for local biofuels in the greater Sacramento area:

Phone (916) 966-2375

Email  steve [at] theinfoexchange [dot] org


Sac Cooking Oil Recycling Campaign in the News! Watch these video clips to learn how Sacramento Cooking Oil Recycling Campaign makes it easy to recycle your used cooking oil for locally produced, astm certified, commercial quality biodiesel B100 available locally. Better for the people, the cows, the community and the planet.

Watch Fox News video segments on CORC:


Residential and Commercial Cooking Oil Recycling Drop Off

Sacramento Cooking Oil Recycling Campaign has a new location to drop off your used cooking oil for recycling into local biodiesel.

Cooking Oil Recycling Drop Site Address:
Our sites are no longer posted publicly. Restaurants and residents can contact us at the phone or email address below to access our used cooking oil recycling services.

Directions To Recycling Site and Drop Box:
(contact us)
Recycling Drop Site Requirements:
Please be sure your used cooking oil is in sealed leak proof containers and free from non recyclable contaminates such as water, excessive food scraps or any waste materials other than the used oil itself so we can re-purpose it into local biodiesel for a cleaner environment and a sustainable local economy.

We can accept residential and commercial used cooking oil at this site. For restaurants and commercial food services that generate ongoing used cooking oil, we have professional collection services that will provide you with a recycling container and collect from your premises on a regular schedule. Contact us about this service: 916-966-2375 or Email  steve [at] theinfoexchange [dot] org

Please contact us about our used cooking oil collection, biodiesel buyers network and local service partners, working together for a local, sustainable economy of mutual benefit.